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Thursday, September 1, 2011

Zombie Apocalypse Time 2

To get to the entrance you have to run back the other way through the parking lot, turn left and turn left run under the stairs and youre at the nearest door. But first you gotta take care of the mother fucking zombies in this mother fucking apartment complex.

You turn left and see sinbad(if youve wondered where hes been you just found out.) You tell him one of his own crappy jokes and he dies...again. You run past him.

You make the first left.

Splat. Right in front of you a body starts getting up after having just fallen from the sky. You recognize the uniform it wears(you also notice a very prominent bosom) and realizes its the maintenance guy(he really went through with it!?). And then you remember that someone said something about a bad smell coming from a vent. You see the maintenance man holding a zombie bird in his hand.

He starts coming after you with the full confidence of someone that has turned others. You wack him in the face with the plundger causing him to stumble and drop the bird. Oh schieza. The bird screeches and comes at you. You swing, it dodges. It lundges, you duck. The maintenance man regains his balance.

Bang bang. Two shot fired and the zombies fall.

But the gun is now aimed at you...

To be continued...

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